John McCain - Amerikaanse oorlogsheld, een conservatief met een hart, heeft vriendschappen met mensen van de politieke democratische overkant, bv.Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, Joe Biedermann..........
Een poortwachter van de beschaving en van vrede in de harten....

* A gladiator in the arena

* Rebel with a cause

* An honorable man

* Always fighting for a cause, greater than himself

* Putting we before me

* "Americans first, Americans last, Americans always"

* Duty, Honour, Country....

* Decency

* He could disagree and like or love you

* Big hearted, humble, temperament, forgiving..

* Courage at all times, force of nature, code of conduct

* He fought all the right fights; he did what he felt, was right

" Judge me on totality of my life."

* Open about his shortcomings and failures

* Quite a temperament; always willing to apologize

* He did not go along to get along

* A warrior in uniform, a warrior in congress

* "Why courage matters"

* You are defined by your courage, redeemed by your loyalty

* He called them as he saw them

* He had sharp elbows

* He was a maverick, an outsider

* "I fell in love with my country, when I was imprisoned in another."

* Ideas and ideals

Vaarwel brief aan het Amerikaanse volk


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